Corgi Juniors


BMW 325i (updated 09-2007)

BMW 850i Police (updated 03-2008)

Buick Regal Police Car (updated 12-2008)

Caravan (updated 10-2007)

Chevrolet Van (updated 08-2008)

Chubb Airport Crash Tender (updated 07-2008)

Custom Van (updated 10-2007)

ERF Fire Tender (updated 04-2009 )

ERF Simon Snorkel Fire Truck (updated 10-2007 )

Fire Launch (updated 09-2007)

Ford Capri Fire Chief's Car (updated 08-2008)

Ford Escort Police (updated 09-2007)

Ford Gran Torino (updated 11-2008)

Ford Sierra (updated 12-2008)

Ford Transit Van (updated 04-2008)

Ford Transit Wrecker (updated 01-2010)

Ford Truck (not updated)

Healer Wheeler (updated 07-2011)

Helicopter (updated 09-2008)

Ironside Police Van (updated 10-2007)

Jaguar XJ40 Police (updated 03-2008)

Jaguar XJS Police (updated 12-2008)

Jeep Renegade 4x4 (updated 09-2008)

Land Rover Military Ambulance (updated 10-2007)

Land Rover ONE TEN (updated 10-2007)

Land Rover Wrecker (updated 09-2007)

Matra Rancho (updated 09-2007)

Mercedes Benz 300TD (updated 09-2007)

Mercedes Benz 2.3 (updated 09-2007)

 Mercedes Benz 240D Police Car (updated 05-2010)

Mercedes Benz 220D Ambulance (updated 08-2008)

Mercedes Benz Bus (updated 09-2008)

Mercury Cougar (updated 10-2007)

Mobile Crane (updated 10-2007)

Police Range Rover (updated 02-2010)

Porsche Carrera Police Car (updated 10-2007)

Porsche Targa Police (updated 12-2010)

Renault Trafic Bus (updated 03-2008)

Rescue Helicopter (updated 10-2007)

Rover 3500 Police Car (updated 01-2012)

Stinger Helicopter (updated 10-2007)

Studebaker Wagonaire Ambulance (updated 02-2008)

Volkswagen Police Car (updated 10-2007)

VW Polo (updated 10-2007)

Volvo 760 (updated 09-2008)


NOTE: Model numbering is based on Corgi Juniors & Husky Models: A Complete Identification and Price Guide (2004 - Schiffer Publishing) by author/collector Bill Manzke.  Model numbers are followed by the corresponding book page number to make finding the entry easier.