Hot Wheels '68 El Camino


HOT WHEELS Casting and Price Guide, 1st Edition 2008-2017, James Garbaczewski


u: Yellow, metal T base, gold interior and wing, clear windows, chrome engine, gold/white/black design w/ stripes on hood, "68”, “Phillipsburg KS’ and “First Response”, os5 (Fire Rods #5)


w. white, metal T base, metalflake gold windows, black interior and wing, chrome engine, gold & black police design, "Police” and “53” on sides and roof, sp5 (Cop Rods #23)

2011: 167 (48)

ab: Pearl white, chrome M base, gray interior, clear windows, blue stripes and "Fort Worth Fire 24", 5 spoke (Main Street #7)

2011: 167 (48)

ac: Pearl yellow, chrome M base, chrome engine, black interior, clear windows, black stripes and "Fort Worth Fire", gold & black MC5 spoke

2011: 167 (48)

ac2: same as ac with gray engine (Team Hot Wheels blisterpack)

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