Hot Wheels Blazer 4x4


HOT WHEELS Casting and Price Guide, 1st Edition 2008-2017, James Garbaczewski

2016: 014 (24)

l: Pearl white, metal M base, silver interior, tinted windows, black & silver design, “Police” & “084” (Heritage – Redlines)

2016: 213 (24)

m: Yellow, chrome M base, black interior, red windows, black/white/red stripes on hood and sides, “Fire”, BlOrwh

2016: 213 (24)

n: Zamac, chrome M base, orange interior, tinted windows, black/yellow/orange design, BlOr/or (Walmart exclusive)

2016: 213 (24)

o: Red, chrome M base, yellow windows, black/white/yellow design, "Fire 4", BlOr/gd


x: Red, chrome Indo base, black interior, blue windows, black, yellow and white design and “Rescue” on sides, or6/wh (Zombies 5 Pack)

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