Hot Wheels Dodge Charger Drift


HOT WHEELS Casting and Price Guide, 1st Edition 2008-2017, James Garbaczewski

2011: 176 (154)

d: Red, black M base, black interior, smoke windows, black spoiler, black/ gold/ white stripes and "Watkins Glen FD 56", PR5 (Main Street #10)

2012: W4243 (154)

e: Orange, black T base, gray interior, light blue windows, blue spoiler, "Hot Wheels City Police", pr5bk/wh-rim (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

2014: 048 (154)

g: Light blue, black M base, medium blue interior, red windows, light blue spoiler, "HWPD", red & black OH5SP

2014: 048 (155)

i: Black, gray M base, red interior, light blue windows, black spoiler, "HWPD", gold & black OH5SP

2015: CDT18 (155)

j: White, black plastic T base, gray interior, blue windows, "Rescue", black & blue PR5 (Rescue Racers 5 pack)

2016: (155)

k: Candy blue, black T base, white interior, "HWPD", pr5bk/wh-rim (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

NOTE: numbering

2018: 208

m. White, silver M base, black interior, blue windows, red & black stripes, "Pursuit", mc5/rd-rim

2018: 13

o: Zamac, black M base, silver interior, red windows, red/white/blue stripes, "Pursuit", pr5/bu-rim (Walmart Exclusive)


p: Flat blue, black M base, silver interior, red windows, white & red stripes with "Police" on hood & sides, fan5gy

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