Hot Wheels Ford Mustang GT Concept


Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels; Completely Revised 6th Edition Vol. Two 1997-2008

2007: K6179

d: White, black C base, black interior, smoke windows, black & gold "State Trooper", 'Y' 5 spoke (Police Patrol 5 pack)

2009: N4072

Black, gray T base, red windows, white doors with "Police 68", red & black PR5 spokes (HW City Works 5 pack)

2010: R0965

Pearl white, black T base, orange interior, orange windows, black, orange & silver "Freeway Police", orange PR5 (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

2011: 162

Metallic burgandy, gray M base, gray interior, smoke windows, silver & gold stripes with "Grandview Fire Dept", PR5

2011: 162

Metallic gray, gray M base, red interior, smoke windows, red & white stripes with gold "Grandview Fire Dept", PR5

2011: 162

with lighter windows

2012: X7060

Yellow, black M base, gray interior, smoke windows, gold & black stripes with "Grandview Fire Dept", yellow & black PR5 (Mystery Model)

2013: 014

Matt blue, black M base, red windows, black interior, "Police", black & white OH5SP (Hidden Treasure Hunt)

2014: BFB24

White, black T base, blue windows, black interior, "Police Pursuit Unit 68", chrome red & black OH5SP (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

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