Hot Wheels Roll Patrol Jeep CJ7 / Trailbuster


Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels; Completely Revised 6th Edition Vol. One 1968-1996

1996: 13505 (110)

i: Neon pink, black painted M base, black interior, smoke windshield, "Baywatch Rescue", 8 dot construction (Baywatch 5 pack)

1996: 13505 (nl)

i?: Same as i, flourescent orange

1997: 17489 (110)

L: Yellow, metal M base, red interior, smoke windshield, red stripe with "Rescue Patrol Unit 1", tri-blade (Rescue Squad 5 pack)

2001: 194 (110)

s: Blue, metal T base, red interior, blue windshield, yellow "Coast Rescue", construction directional

2001: 194 (229)

s2: Same as s, construction 5 spoke (Rescue Rods 5 pack)

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