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Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels; Completely Revised 6th Edition Vol. One 1968-1996

1992: 185 (100)

b/b2: White, black plastic M base, blue windows, gray rotors, black stripe with yellow "Police" (b2 has clear coat)

1995: 325 (100)

c: Chrome, black M base, skids & tail, black interior, blue windows, yellow & black "Police" (Silver Series)

1995: 13505 (100)

d: White, orange base, (Baywatch 5 pack)

1997: 185 (100)

f: Yellow, black M base, black windows, black rotors, "Unit 4 Search + Rescue" with dark (c) or light (d) red stripe

1997: 185 (100)

f2: Same as f, orange base

1997: 17461 (100)

g: White, black M base, blue windows, "Police Unit 14" (Police Force 5 pack)

1999: 798 (100)

j: Blue, black plastic C base, skids & tail, black interior, blue windows, gold/black/blue/white "Police" (Sky Search Action Pack)

2001: 22077 (100)

r: White, white plastic T base, blue windows, black rotors, black, blue & teal "Los Angeles Police" (LAPD Limited Edition)

2002: 111 (100)

s: Black, black plastic M base, orange windows, black rotors, orange & silver stripe, white "Customs Service"

2006: (100)

w: Metallic white, black T base, tinted windows, "Police" (Truckin' Transporter)


(India Leo)


(India Leo)

NOTE: numbering

2009: N4072

ab: Metallic medium blue, pale blue T base, black windows, "Medical Emergency - Rescue 09"

2009: 015

ac: Metalflake blue, black T base, and tail, light gray propeller, yellow windows, yellow/white/blue "Ann Arbor Police" design, (Cop Rods)

2009: 023

ad: White, red T base, and propeller, black tail, tinted windows, red & black "Chesapeake Virginia Fire Rescue" design (Fire Rods)


ah: Blue, white T base, and tail, black propeller, tinted windows, silver/red/ white/black flames, stripes, “Police” and badge on sides (Truckin’ Transporters – Roll Patrol)


ao: Black, red T base and tail, gray prop, blue windows, white, red, black, and gold stripes, “Police”, and “68” on sides (Police Pursuit 5-pack)

2017: 044

ap: Metalflake green, dark orange M base, and tail, black prop, orange windows, yellow, black, and orange stripes and “Fire Air Ops”

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