Hot Wheels Scorchin' Scooter


HOT WHEELS Casting and Price Guide, 1st Edition 2008-2017, James Garbaczewski


s: Black, white seat, M base, chrome handlebars, white & blue w/ "Charleston, SC Police" design. mw3 (Cop Rods Series 2)


al: White & black, black seat, T base, red, white and gray design w/ “Rescue” and “DBFD” on sides, “Rosie” on gas tank, “Daytona Beach” in back, mw3 (Fire Rods)


am: Black, gray seat, T base, black handlebars, gold & white “State Police 01” and “CA” on sides, mw3 (Police Cruisers 5 pack)

2011: T8630 (39)

ck: Light blue, unpainted T base, gray handlebars, "Police Highway Patrol", black MC3 (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

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