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HOT WHEELS Casting and Price Guide, 1st Edition 2008-2017, James Garbaczewski

2011: 015 (175)

a: Pearl white, black M base, gold interior, light blue windows, "HWPD High Speed Enforcer Unit 28", PR5

2011: 015 (175)

b: Black, red M base, silver interior, blue windows, "HWPD High Speed Enforcer Unit 28", white PR5

2011: 015 (175)

b2: Same as b, dark blue windows

2012: W4243 (175)

c: Metalflake silver, black T base, blue/orange/white "Police", white 5 spoke (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

2013: (175)

d: Red, black T base, chrome interior, blue windows, white & blue stripes, "Police 32", pr5 (Police Pursuit 5 pack)

2015: 054 (175)

e: Light blue, black M base, chrome interior, red windows, black/white/red/silver stripes, "HWPD 64", pr5bk/bu-rim

2016: (175)

f: Black, silver M base, blue windows, red/white/blue design, "HWPD 64", pr5bk/bu-rim (Multi-pack)

2017: (175)

g: Metalflake white, blue M base, chrome interior, blue windows, black & red "Police", fan5 (Multi-pack)

NOTE: numbering


h: Candy blue, light blue Indo base, chrome interior, orange windows, light yellow/orange/white design, “Police”, pr5or (Police Pursuit 5 pack)


o: Blue, satin black metal Indo base, chrome interior, red canopy, orange & white stripes and “Police” on sides, fan5rd (HW Rescue 5-pack)

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