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Thanks to all those fellow collectors that have allowed me to borrow pictures of models from their collections and websites. 

Special thanks to Christian Falkensteiner, Jeff Webster, Marlene Cairns, Bill Weis, Keith Hoskins, Sammy Fox, Dave Metson, Charlie Mack, Mario Beaudoin, Rich Cuddihy, Scott Kleina, Bill Manzke, Mark Nagel, Shabbir Malik, Mark Curtis, Doug Williford, Andrew Hoke, Niels Bredemeyer, Shannon McNulty, Rick Boyle and Peter Lee.  I hope I haven't left anybody out.


Bases:  E=England, HK=Hong Kong, C=China, M=Macau (Matchbox) or Malaysia (Hot Wheels), F=France, US=United States, T=Thailand, Indo=Indonesia