MB109-A Scrambulance    2012    (MB845)


MBUSA Newsletter numbering. Date of listing shown in parentheses.

MB109-A3 (04-13)

White, orange interior & chassis, smoke windows, 6 spoke flower - orange hubs, "MBX First Response Emergency Services", black T base

MB109-A4 (06-14)

Red, black interior & chassis, smoke windows, "Scrambulance 4x4", 6 spoke flower - dark red hubs, black T base (Rescue Duty 5 pack)

MB109-A5 (07-15)

Jurassic World

MB109-A6 (10-15)

Red, black interior & chassis, clear windows, "Seven City Ambulance", ringed flower - white hubs, unpainted T base

MB109-A7 (05-16)

Red, white interior & chassis, smoke windows, "Matchbox Support Team 28", ringed flower - white hubs, bright blue T base


MB109-A8 (07-18)

Moved to MB76-H1 (06-2019)

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See MB76-H Scrambulance